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How do you manage your emotions? Most especially when your angry? Some people tend to throw things {like my mom}… Some tends to shout or curse…

As for me, I cry. I cry until all the anger within me fades away. I stop when I feel cold and my hands are shaking already. Sometimes when I’m not really that angry, I count. It works for me and I make sure before I reach 60, I’m feeling a little bit better. I always bear in mind that “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” {Ralph Waldo Emerson}

And I’m pursuing happiness right now, so I really really try to avoid being mad. Pray for guidance and that ask God to help you calm. Think of positive things. And that’s how I suppress my anger.

As for totally calming down, I just recently discover this. I usually am having a hard time calming my self {aka lowing my heart rate and such}, my shaking hands are still there, and I just remember I broke my foundation {grrr! Good thing I don’t buy too expensive foundations anymore, or I might get more frustrated!}

Anyway, while we we’re off to my work, Wayme have been holding my hands, and it feels soothing and it really calms me down. It feels so good when you have a hand to hold on to. And he never let it go {even though I pretend that I’m hurt since he’s been teasing me already and I had to let go of his hands}. But I really have to stop this habit of biting him. I bite him harder than I intend to and he’s quite angry! Y_Y


And don’t go to sleep when you’re mad. Every problem has a solution, you may not have it now, but eventually, you can solve your problem.

Stay Happy, Z.