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Have you seen Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel turned to movie – The Lucky One?

Me and my boyfriend did. Just last Friday, and I was really surprised that the ticket he bought was actually ‘The Lucky One.’ What he told me was we’re going to watch ‘Battlefield’ after the renewal of his driver’s license.

And I was really touched by the gesture, I never thought he’d buy the ticket, though I know I told him once that I wanted to watch the movie. If only I could kiss him all throughout watching the movie at the movie house, I would do it. 🙂

By then, I know I’m a lucky one. I have ‘Wayme.’ He is more than my “lucky charm.” He just not protect me from any harm or pain, he gives me happiness above all. He gives me love that I know is genuine and true!


And with all fairness to the actor Zac Efron, as for me, he portrays Logan well. As I’ve read the book, Logan was kind of aloof and silent type. I can’t find the right adjective really, so I hope y’all could read the book too.

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She was struck by the simple truth that sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people… {Beth}