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Part 2 ♥

Singapore’s weather last April 5 was quite gloomy. I expected a really sunny day, just like my bosses said since they’ve been there last February I think.

We went to have a rest at my hotel. Oh by the way, that was Kooki, the daughter of my aunt, and they’re the one who picked me up at the airport.


At MRT. No I never sat at the “Reserved Seat” ever! =)

Welcome to Marina Bay Sands! The very first place I’ve been to that night.

And so, let me introduce to you guys the lovely couple who accompanied me while I was at SG – Tito Choy and Tita Pangga. ♥

Does anyone play at Casino? Well I don’t. I don’t like gambling especially where I know I’ll lose. ^_^

This is a special request of my aunt in Germany to go inside Marina Bay’s Louis Vuitton and take a picture of its grandeur. By the way, I’m wearing an Louis Vuitton Damier Sandals, a gift from my aunt’s friend. You can see it up close here.

Just on the first level of LV is a gallery of it’s “ancient” bags! Priceless!

Just behind me are the earliest editions of LV bags. Can I have them all? =) ♥

Uhh, can I have Alma Monogram Vernis please?

I was so lucky that we are allowed to take pictures inside LV boutique itself. You can’t do that here in Philippines or in any other stores {Germany} as far as I know.

And here’s what LV looks like on the outside! It’s kind of floating at Marina Bay. And just behind me is the Art and Science Museum of Singapore.

Everyone, this is my friend Nikki. I haven’t seen her for I-don’t-know-how-long years. She grew up to be a really fine lady.

Wondering what’s that lighted fountain? That’s just a prelude to a show just in front of Marina Bay. The best thing that happened to me in Singapore is watching this spectacular show! It’s called “Wonder Full – The Story of Water and Light Creating Life” It’s so romantic I want to watch it over and over again. If you want to see the video, I’ve uploaded it on my YouTube.

Singapore’s Business District Skyline!

Art and Science museum are going to have an event regarding Titanic.

As you may have noticed, I’m only wearing flip flops! I’m so tired walking and walking and walking and walking. Good thing I brought my havs!

Oh, did I mention one of the things I love at Singapore is how great their architectures are? Yip yip! They keep on renovating their malls and they’ve been adding tourist spots and you’ll be really amaze of how much Singapore can still improve their architectures. BTW, this is the Helix Bridge.

See how funny Tito Choy poses behind me? hahahaha. Priceless!

Just at Fullerton Hotel. How come I forgot to have a picture taken at Merlion Fullerton?

Singapore Flyer!

After all that power walking, we ate at Makansutra. It’s like banchetto here in Philippines. And there are lots of Filipinos eating there. See the group on my left side? Yip, they’re all Filipinos.

And I am craving for more Roti Pratta! ♥drooling♥

So, we’re working overtime and I’m quite tired with doing all the work, can I blog for a while? I already reached my quota since 07:00AM so no worries ^_^

I’ll keep you posted!