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My mom has been to Germany around 1980(something) and so it’s her 2nd time to go there at my Aunt’s place.

But what I envy is that my youngest sister Andrea is with my mom having a 32-day vacation there. I really really really wanted to go to Germany for so long now, but my aunt won’t finance it not until a certain “condition” is met. Urgh! Talk about pressure!

They’ve been there for almost 2 weeks now and they’ve been to lot of places… Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels. And get this, they’re going to the place I would LOVE to go to… Paris! And that’s already next week! Now I’m really really envious!


They’ve been to a “Wellness Center” {that’s what my aunt calls it}.


My sister and Fuxxy, my aunt’s chihuahua. And she’s carrying my aunt’s LV. Ambisyosang sisteret. =)

Oh well, I know someday I can go to Germany too… Someday!