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Today is my Day 2 of my daily work-out routine. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, I just started exercising again and Hip Hop Abs dancing is the best exercise/dance routine I tried so far {I want to try Zumba next}, most especially to those who didn’t really have time to go to gym and just want to exercise at the comfort of their homes.

It’s much better than taking crunches too. Crunches make my back hurts, and the last thing I want is back ache. It has different  dance routines too and I’m having so much fun doing this. And I really sweat a lot.

Result varies on your self discipline of course. When I first used this, I can see a big change in my body especially in my tummy area, after 3 weeks.. Diet is also another factor. Why exercise when your just about to eat like there’s no tomorrow? My diet last time was oatmeal, wheat bread, banana and boiled egg most of the time… And also salad for my veggies or I cook chopsuey. And I’m following the same regimen.

And what’s really good about hip hop abs? Sessions are 30 minute each {well for the first week} and it’s getting quite intense the next session.

Here’s their work-out chart you have to follow:


Always remember, drink a lots of water after working out and eat healthy!

Good luck working those abs! I’m starting my Week 1 day 2 exercise now! ^_^

PS: Wayme called!!! And if only I could shout “BABE!!!!!” I could have done it, but his eardrums might break after that. ^_^ I’m really really happy he called though. I miss him so much!!! ♥♥♥