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By any chance do you happen to own this poster with “Today’s Advice” written on it? Have you ever tried to do what’s instructed? I bought this when I was in college at Papemelroti where I used to buy stuffs and materials for my scrap book. Yip I do scrap books, sad to say that only one survived when a typhoon hit Philippines way back 2008 {Ondoy, when was it?} I had so much fun making scrap books with my org sisters.

Try enlarging this picture and close your eyes {no cheating as in NO!}, point your finger anywhere on the poster and try to follow the advice it gave you today. It’s nice that I have one of these. Sometimes it helps me reflect on the things I did not just to my self but also to other people as well.

My today’s advice: “Be gentle with the Earth” What have I done to help Mother Earth? Well certainly I throw garbage to trash cans =))



Which reminds me, I want to make scrap book again… Well, soon! ^_^


xoxo ~Z