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I woke up today around 06:30AM and it was really cold that I have to turn off the fan… it is much colder that there is no one beside me I can hug. {I only have my pillows} And then I realized it was raining last night. And the first thing that really comes to my mind was that “Please Lord, let him have a calm and safe journey.”

And then I sent him SMS, and lately he told me that it was calm in the sea. Thank God for answering my prayers.

It’s his second day on board and they’re already in Cebu. I was glad to know that he’s enjoying the view, and he’s alright! I couldn’t really wait to hear stories from him {though he’s not really as talkative as I am}.

As for me, since I woke up really early, I’m feeling a really long day ahead. After quite a long self reflection, I turned on my computer and started doing some aerobics. I’m using “Hip Hop Abs” since that is really the most effective way on burning fats I’ve ever tried. And then I started to prepare my breakfast. It’s already Holy Week and I decided to really eat small servings. Replace meat with boiled eggs and rice with oatmeal and banana for dessert.


After breakfast, I really don’t have anything to do…

Until I remember I have to start packing for my Singapore trip. Yeah! I know! It’s not until April 5 but since I am working graveyard shift {2200H to 0700H} I have to do it immediately or else I won’t be able to get more sleep this Wednesday. And I’m glad I did it.


These are just some of the things I’m bringing to Singapore. My eyeglass and contact lenses of course. I have a -2.00 and -1.50 vision and I doubt if I can appreciate the scenery if I’m being blind. {urgh! I hate having a blurred vision!}


Did you see that pouch above? That’s my mom’s and I have it for years and years! And it’s very convenient for me since I can put all my personal kits there. It is spacious and has divider inside. It is actually a gift to her by my aunt, but since I really really love borrowing my mom’s stuffs {who doesn’t anyway!} I haven’t returned it since! Hahaha. I’m not really good at brands, so I don’t know this “Fabiani?” Can anyone tell me what’s that? When I try to google it, all I can find are ‘tights’! =p

Lipsticks!!! A must! Last year I’m really up to red lipsticks! Now Pink is my color. And of course my lip balm!

My favorite ring! I bought it at Quiapo and I really love blue.. It goes with the gown I wore at my cousin’s wedding 🙂

My relaxing cream! The only cream I really apply to my face. It really is relaxing and just after minutes you apply it on your face, there’s this cool & mint feeling on it 🙂

Bringing some of my accessories + Burberry and Chanel perfumes! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a “kuripot” type of person, and you won’t be hearing anything from me that I want to buy this Chanel perfume or jewelries etc etc… I won’t spend thousands for perfumes, just a Victoria Secret will really do for me. Those are just gifts from my aunts. They’re all so generous! Buying me all this gifts. And no! I don’t ask anyone to buy me something. It’s really good to wait for something to arrive. You can appreciate it’s value more! Right? ♥

Trying to figure out which Longchamp should I bring along? Hahaha. Maybe I’ll just bring the blue, black pink and red one. What am I going to do with all those bags at SG? =p

And last but not the least, my flip flops!!!! When my boyfriend gave this to me last Valentine, he’s teasing me that’s it’s a two-piece {No!!! I don’t wear two-piece swimwear, please!!!} But it turns out to be a two-piece flip flops! Hahaha. Something to wear for my SG trip. How sweet and thoughtful of him.

Well after 4 years {Hours I mean} of packing, I just watch cartoons {disney movies!} the whole afternoon. I can’t go to sleep that’s why… 😥

I’m starting to miss him… his voice, his smile, his laugh, his smell… Can’t wait for April 7 to come… 5 more days!!!

~I miss you babe~