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9 days to go and I’ll be leaving Philippines… Singapore, here I come! I’m quite excited since this is my first time to travel abroad. Though I’ll be traveling alone, it doesn’t really bother me, since I’m used to travel alone here in Philippines. I enjoyed the solitude, but now I really wish I have a travel buddy, and I wish it is Wayme.

I don’t really have specific plans on what I want to do when I’m in Singapore {not yet anyway}… I’ll figure that out when there’s just 2 or 3 days before I leave.

April 12-13. Me and some of my cousins are dying to go to Anawangin. We’ve been planning a trip since 2 years ago??? Seriously, we’ve been planning that long but because of schedule conflicts, we don’t know where to fit that trip. And I am really really really excited to go to Anawangin Zambales. What I’m most excited is that I’ll be with my boyfriend. {yey!!!} And this will be our first out of town trip! And I’m smiling like this: ^________^ whenever I think that this trip is just around the corner. =)

April 14-15. Since this Anawangin trip will be with my Wayme’s friends, they decided to go to Subic for a “side trip” I don’t know the details yet. But whatever it is, it’s fine with me as long as I’m with my Wayme. ^_____^

{Click here for Anawangin photos I got online}