As March 30 is approaching, I was really feeling down a lot. I’m having mood swings, and I easily get irritated.

This is because my boyfriend will be having a one-week training. He’ll be leaving Manila on March 30 and will be back April 6. But we won’t be seeing each other until April 7, since I’ll be at Singapore from April 5 to 7, and I’m really starting to miss him right now.

And what stresses me the most is because my officemate really teases me, like seamans gets too excited whenever they’ll see a girl after weeks of sailing and seeing nothing but the sea. {You get the idea}

But I’m really happy right now that someone is boosting my spirits {because I badly needed an uplift}. My account manager in USA {and my sales rep} and I are chatting and he’s so sweet telling me stuffs like time apart will make your love stronger.

Well here it is:

Marty: Sarah why are you sad? theres so many sad faces! lol
Z: hahaha.. my boyfriend will be out in the sea for his one-week training
Z: i won’t be seeing him until April 7
Z: that’s why i’m so sad
Marty: Awww. Im sorry
Marty: That is hard, but when you see him it will feel so good

Marty: distance makes you realize how much you miss someone

Marty: im going to see my sister today for the first time in a year, i live in Connecticut and she lives all the way in Alaska!
Z: Awww. thanks. that is so sweet of you.
Z: it’s the first time i heard such sweet thought on being on a long distant relationship
Z: my friends here are teasing me {terrorizing me is the right word actually}
Z: that my boyfriend will leave me behind
Z: so a great thanks to your uplifting words…
Z: and hope you’ll have a great time with your sister…
Marty: No no no, dont let them bring you down. time apart is healthy and makes your love stronger!
Z: Thank you so much Marty… This really means a lot
Marty: do not worry for tomorrow has enough worries of its own
Z: I could really give you a hug right now

And one thing I know for sure, never listen to those people with negative thoughts. They tend to poison your mind as well. I’m a positive person with optimistic and jolly personality. So I really have to stop frowning now.


All thanks to Marty.

xoxo {Z}