I’m really bored, and I want to go out. Never mind if it’s hot outside. Well, I have to go to church first. I miss God {and I know He misses me too}. ^_^

Then I want to go to that store ate Mitch was telling me yesterday and buy some clothes {Yey!}. Then lunch, I want to eat at Max’s, I want kare-kare. And since I’m quite frustrated and gloomy right now, I want some cake! I’m craving for Contis’ mango bravo. I want to go to SM North just to eat mango bravo (Layo ah!), eh I don’t know where in Greenhills yung Contis dun.

Then maybe I’ll watch Hunger Games. I’ve been dying to watch it.

Yip, solo mission. As in going S.O.L.O. No one bothers to talk to me din kasi. 😦

Well then, time to take a bath.

Tata for now, Z