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The only word I can describe the lusciousness of this ice cream. Days after magnum ice cream finally became available here in Philippines, my friend and I immediately bought one out of curiousness since it trended on facebook and twitter (Philippines). There are so many who said it was really delicious. And it really is.

Today I bought 5 ice creams for my family. It’s a bit pricey though, and we joked it must be because of the packaging of the ice cream not because of the Belgian chocolate. =p

BTW, it’s selling price is Php 55.00. I don’t know if it’s the same on grocery stores, but on Mini stop and 7-11, that’s the price.


These are the only flavors available here in Philippines, Chocolate Truffle, Almond and Classic. Though I found in their site that there really are more than these three flavors. I wonder when will they be available here?


Magnum classic flavor.


Just one of the reasons we joked about the price of magnum. Even it’s stick is personalized and engraved with “magnum”… Wait till you see the golden wrap of the ice cream =)


Till the last bite…


And I know my sister is craving for more. >_<

xoxo, Z