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Food lover. Yip, that’s who I am. As much as I love reading and writing, I also like to eat and try different cuisines and delicacies. I love eating sweet foods above all. Here are some of my favorites:


Katsudon and California Maki. I really love Japanese foods. Sushi, sashimi, katsudon, tonkatsu etc. Influenced by watching animes (Japanese manga). Jap is at the top 2 of my most favorite international foods. #1 is Italian. Hmmm, I smell pizza and pasta =)


Cakes. This one is white forest cake from Red Ribbon. As I’ve said, I really love sweets. They’re my comfort foods. I just don’t know, but whenever I’m really down and feeling blue, a bar of chocolate or ice cream or a slice of cake will definitely cheer me up for sure. Must be because of the sucrose that affects the hormones (or something like that). I knew I read it somewhere. Haha


Coffee. 100% coffee lover. But I’m not those who drink around 10 cups a day. Nope. I love coffee, I love smelling it’s brewed scent. I love it’s bittersweet taste. And above all, I love how it keeps me awake especially on working days. Haha. I’m kinda particular to the taste of coffee now. I’m prefer Starbucks above all cafes who serves coffee. Though this one is from Figaro, a local cafe but they really serves great foods and beverages.Image

Tuscan Chicken + Carbonara + Caesar Salad.


I’m lovin’ their Strawberry Lemon Iced Tea. 🙂