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In every clothes we wear, there is usually this one brand we always want to buy because we’re already comfortable in it. It is the right fitting, and we feel confident in it.

In my case, all my jeans are Jag (well, most of them)! It suits me right. I always find the right design and style and fit for me. Just last day, I bought a shorts (the very first one) from Jag. I had a hard time though since I can’t find what I really wanted…. until I found this pair.


Front. The belt comes with the shorts when I purchased it.


Back. I love those back pockets. I also love how simple they look. I don’t like my jeans having lots of embroideries especially at the back.



I bought this pair most specifically for my “Saturdate” with my boyfriend, and since it’s already summer, a pair of shorts and a loose shirt is my best choice.

And this shorts goes perfectly well with my new shirt I bought from Heritage by Forever 21. It’s my first time to buy anything from F21 but I soooo love their stores now, and I can’t wait to shop another dress there.


When I really saw this shirt, I was like: “Oh my God! This shirt will always remind me of Wayme. Tamang tama!”

He’s my marine… and most especially the Captain of My Heart.

~xoxo, Z