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18 years. Almost 18 years ago since I first saw you. I still have this vague memory of walking down the aisle, with flowers on my hand. And you waiting at the altar, and you have this “antipatiko” face, looking suplado and without a hint of smile on your face.

Yep that was 18 years ago. May 5, 1994 when your aunt got married and we were both little bride and groom. So I’ve known you for 18 years now. It felt nice to think that it was there that started it all. That your uncle started teasing us, and how much I heard way back then that your family wanted me to be your girlfriend (I don’t know if you know that) ☺

You are my first romance (parang kanta lang ah!). But honestly, because of that event, you are my first love… Puppy love or whatever that is, atleast I felt sparks and there’s “love” (malanding bata!) LOL. I still remember that I really dreamed of you as my groom. And that from that moment on all I really want is to be yours, honestly… I love you since 18 years ago, you just don’t know it…

17 years 8 months and 18 days after, one of my greatest dreams came true. ♥

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