I just had the most busiest weekend in my entire life. Since I am working at night, it’s really hard to adjust or make plans during the day. Nevertheless, I survived this weekend hassles.

I started my weekend by going to my boyfriend’s house. A Saturdate with him and his family is what I enjoyed the most. I had dinner at their place. He prepared a meal, he grilled some chicken with carrots and vegemeat longganisa. And boy! He looks handsome while doing the grills. And it really tastes good. Along with the adobo of his Tito Den. That was one of the best meals I had. ♥

After the dinner, we went to watch “This Means War” and I had the loudest laugh at the cinema. I hoped he’s not embarassed to be with such a loud person like me. What really makes that night special to me is because, even though I had a busy week prior to that, I was still in his arms snuggling and kissing him at the end of the day.

Sunday was really tiring day. I went at Tita Christie’s hotel to accompany her to go malling. We went to Greenbelt Makati. What we did first was to enter those first class boutiques, from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the likes. She then bought a bracelet, monogram “Keep it twice”… worth Php18000+. Oh well! It’s her obsession. Collecting luxury items. After that, we just went to Mesa (Filipino cuisines) to have our late lunch (that was already 1:30PM). Afterwards, she pampers her hair by going to Henri Calayag Salon. Have it treated (nevermind the price), and she had her nails manicured. And a dinner with Maybel, her nurse who really took care of her after her medical procedure at Belo Medical Group.

All in all, it was really tiresome and I regreted that I drank margarita cocktail…

Really tired…