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My aunt’s friend, Christie, came to Philippines for a 3-week operation, and since she doesn’t have any family here in Manila, my aunt, Tita Norma, asked me if I could look after her. And I usually don’t say no to my beloved tita, so I said that I’ll take care of her.

Tita Christie is such a jolly person, who loves to go out and party. But most of all, she’s a collector… collector of luxury bags, mostly Louis Vuitton’s.

I was shocked to see that she brought 6 pairs of LV shoes. But what I’m most shocked is she gave me one. I was quite hesitant at first, since I felt like I can’t accept such expensive gift. I’m not a material girl. Yes I’m quite familiar to luxury items (all thanks to tita Norma). I can now even identify most of them and while observing some celebrities, I can tell which designer shoes (or bags or clothes) they’re wearing. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite that I don’t want to have them. I dream of having them, but not to the point that I’ll be spending lots of $$$ on them. Though I’m more of a “quality over quantity” type, but hell no! I’m not gonna spend lots of dollars and euro (in my aunt’s case).

But what made me really decide on accepting the LV is what my aunt told me:

“Don’t look at the cost or how much you received. You might have done something really good to be given such an expensive gift. Treat it as a blessing for doing something good. In that way, you will not be attached on wanting more (expensive items). You really are sweet girl and you deserve that. And I am so proud to have such sweet and caring niece like you.”

And that really touched me. And I really felt blessed to have this gift. That though I still don’t know how to reciprocate the generosity of Tita Christie, I really am blessed to have my very first LV Damier shoes. Thank you God for introducing me to such people.


{Note: *LV damier ebene “Feel Free” sandals* – eternal remembrance
From Me my dear Sarah Jane!
Lots of Love
Tita Christie}