3:23PM – As I watch the rain pouring down outside, I was thinking, how good would it be if I could fly and go past beyond the sky where there is no rain… only clouds. How good would it feel if only I could touch the sky. The place where I can be by myself. With nothing to think of.  That you have your own personal space and no one’s going to occupy it. Hakuna matata!!!

There ain’t no worries, for the rest of your days. A problem free zone.

But then again, I think of you. Do I want to keep dreaming of that place where I can be free and I don’t want to worry about anything. NO! I think, I’d rather be with you, worrying a lot about you. Whether you have an umbrella on this rainy day, or did you eat your lunch already. I’d rather be with you and face this harsh reality of life. Than not be with you at all.

4:10PM – The sky is clearing up already. It’s turning into blue, just the way I like it… blue and full of clouds. Staring into a blue sky makes me feel at ease. Just like seeing birds flying freely into the sky, or childrens playing and laughing out loud. Just like seeing stars in a cloudless night. How I miss being at Rizal. One of the best places I’ve been where I can gaze at the stars. Where the sky really is full of stars. Wag lang umulan. I hate rainy days after all. It makes me feel blue and gloomy, and grumpy and lazy.

But I don’t mind spending those lazy, cold days with you. Just sleeping in your arms, listening to your snores and watching you as you sleep is enough to make me happy inside (Landi! °Wink wink°)

4:30PM – Tita Christie’s MacBook shows 9% remaining life in battery. I guess I better take a nap too.  Or better yet, read this new book I bought yesterday. “Passions: Secrets from the Diaries of Tabitha Lenox” Right?