It’s been just a month… Yes “just” a month… But it really feels like you’re with me since forever.

You gave me nothing but happiness these past few days. Even though there are times that I’ve been grumpy and so sensitive that I got easily offended, you made sure that I’m smiling at the end of the day.

I still remember our first date, and it’s still so nakakakilig whenever I recall those moments. It’s like I can still feel your big warm hands holding mine after we watched a movie… Sherlock Holmes! 🙂 The smell and warmth of your body when we were in the cab, my head on your shoulder… how I really love your smell!

You’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever known (honestly!). No one ever made me feel this way.. No one ever made me feel so special. It’s the way you do things, simple, yet it turns out to be so special that it melts my body and took my breath away.

I pray (and I know for sure) that this happiness will last… forever. May we be given more months and more months together… ahh around 600+ months, what do you think babe?

I love you so much and I kept on falling in love with you every minute of everyday.

And you know what… I’m forever yours…. faithfully!