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As I was reading Tyler Today Magazine, I came across this article which tells that the color of your FRONT DOOR shows your true colors. Whether it’s welcoming, calming, or comforting. That the color of your front door reveals about your personality.

Find the color of your front door and see what it says about you.

A blue front door is soothing, and calming to those entering
your home. The color blue illustrates stability and security.
Your blue door shows the world that you are universally
alluring, charming, and that people are naturally drawn to
you. Also, to increase curb appeal, paint your front door blue
to show abundance and prosperity. Blue is thought to bring
positive energy into your home, and to those who enter it.

A white door symbolizes virtue and purity. Those entering your
home will feel serene and comfortable. White is a welcoming
and peaceful color. The color white symbolizes kindness and
clarity, and is a good choice for new beginnings in your life.

A green front door represents balance, compassion, and
growth. Green has a calming effect, but is also stylish and
sophisticated. It illustrates that you have a zest for life, and
are carefree. The color green shows the world that your
home and its inhabitants are safe and prosperous. Your
home is one of healing and renewal. Guests entering your
home will feel refreshed and empowered.

A black front door illustrates that you are powerful, elegant,
and fashionable. You are strong, confident, and reliable, but
you can also be intimidating. Black has conflicting connotations;
it can mean that you are sexy and mysterious, or serious
and conventional. It is the color of power and protection
and adds strength to your home.

A purple front door symbolizes energy and is thought to bring
opportunity knocking. Purple signifies royalty and wealth,
and it is known as the most spiritual color in the spectrum.
Although purple is an unusual color, it illustrates that you are
open-minded and like to think outside of the box.

A yellow front door shows the world that you are social, and
community oriented. You love to give and want to make a
difference in the world any way you can. The color yellow
illustrates your optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow is welcoming,
and shows that you like to bring people together.
Yellow evokes clarity, wisdom, curiosity, and merriment.

A red door tells the world that you are bold and that you are
passionate about what you believe. Red doors mean “welcome”
in many cultures. In the days of traveling by horse and buggy,
a home that had a red front door informed tired travelers that
they were welcome for the night. Also, in Scotland, people
painted their front doors red to signify that their house was
paid off. Red doors symbolize safety, luck, and financial status.

A brown door evokes strength and stability. Brown is an
earthly color and illustrates that you are natural, down-toearth,
and conventional. But, certain browns can show that
the homeowners are sophisticated and inviting. The color
brown has a nourishing energy and is a great color for