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Has anyone read about “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown? If you do, you must be familiar with the codes used there. Way back in college, my friend Clifford and I used to send SMS to one another, in codes. “Hard!” you may say, but there’s the thrill in making one and cracking one.

There are many kinds of cryptography. We start in simple ones like replacing each letter of the message with the letter preceding it in the alphabet. For example: HL FKZC VD LDS. It’s the first code Susan Fletcher gave to David Becker. All you have to do is shift each letter one space forward in the alphabet — A became B, B became C — and wolla! You’ll crack it.

Next one is Julius Ceasar’s code. Example: YEEIOSAFUOUURBTL

To decipher the message, simply divide the code into four groups of four, and rearrange them vertically like this…


When you’re done, the message will appear. 🙂

There are many kinds of codes out there we don’t know. And it’s really fun doing it, and though you might think it’s useless, it isn’t. Try doing that to your friends who you think is patient enough and up to code breaking.

Like my friend and I used to do. I remember even when I’m riding the train, I receive SMS of codes from Clifford just to remind me to set a meeting with the adviser of our organization. Headaches men!

Just recently, I then tried writing codes just now to send a special message to a special person in my heart. It goes like: HL FKZC XNT BZLD HMSN LX KHED.

And I really guess that made his night complete. ♥